Monday, September 03, 2007

Video Overview on Islam, Featuring Dr. James White

James Kennedy's Coral Ridge Hour is featuring a segment on Islam. The clip runs about 10 minutes, and provides a good overview on the impact of Islam on our world. I mention this because Dr. James White is one of the featured guests in this segment explaining Islam.

View this clip here

Feature: The Religion of IslamWhat challenges of the Islamic faith are being imposed upon us? What is the mission of "Jihad"? Learn some of the startling and interesting facts about this religion. For years, Dr. Kennedy has spoken about the Islamic growth and the vital importance of understanding what this means! Tune in today to The Coral Ridge Hour and find out more about this critical issue.


Rhology said...


Did you see this? Man, I wish that guy wouldn't scare me like that!

James Swan said...

Yes, I saw it early Tuesday morning around 6:30 AM, and almost choked on my coffee.