Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I Have NOT been Swimming in the Tiber

I have used the nickname "Tertiumquid" probably around 10 years or so. I picked it randomly out of a Latin glossary in the back of book when trying to pick a user name for an Internet service provider. I am the original Tertiumquid. When I began using it, I doubt anyone was using it.

Do not be fooled by this blog entry:
"Tertium Quid details a touching aspect of grace in his life after becoming Catholic. Check it out."
There is also a band that uses the name, as well as a poet, and bunch of other people as well. In regards to someone with this nickname swimming the Tiber, well, let's just say I would buy the band's CD and listen to the poet before I grant someone well-wishes for embracing sola ecclesia.


Tiber Jumper said...

Hey James, I got some hits today from your site and sauntered over here to see what was happening.
Hope your summer was good,
God bless

pilgrim said...

Hey many of us in the blogoshpere crossed the Tiber-including myself-some of us even did it in the right direction--away from Rome...

But I'm sure those who crossed against me disagree I was going in the right direction.

kaycee said...

Absolutely the right direction!

About 25 years ago I swam away from Rome to Jesus too!

Tertium Quid said...

"Tertium Quid" is what John Randolph called himself during the early 1800s when the Jeffersonian Republican Party embraced positions he found abominable.

My mentor, Russell Kirk, wrote his first book on John Randolph.

I call myself "Tertium Quid" on my blog because my politics don't always fit in the two-party groove.

I am a Tiber Swimmer. I love all those who share in Christian baptism, Protestant, Orthodox, and Catholic, and wish to discuss religion, culture, theology, philosophy, history, politics, etc. with all people of good will.

My counter-part at this site is a Protestant who defends the Reformed tradition with vigor and intelligence. I respect that. Christianity is fantastic, so it should not surprise us that we cannot agree on many of its basic doctrines.

TQ the Catholic