Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Theologians of Glory

Above: One of Luther’s first Roman Catholic biographers was also a great adversary with lasting impact: Johannes Cochlaeus. Cochlaeus best expressed his campaign against Luther by portraying him as a seven-headed dragon.

Jimmy Akin (blog)

Jimmy Akin (website)

Catholic Legate: "Check out Art Sippo's new blog. He has a message for Mr. Swan and the rest of the Self Important Ones."

Gary Michuta (website): "I like James Swan. I've only had a brief encounter with him on the Catholic Answers forum and he was actually willing to conceded a point, which impressed me. It tells me that he's more concerned with getting to the facts straight rather than towing the party line. At least, I didn't have to run to a photocopier to prove my point. I could be wrong and perhaps I will be proved wrong in the future, but I like Swan."

Gary Michuta (Blog)

Apolonio Latar

Patrick Madrid (blog): "Swan can say whatever he wants about purgatory on his own weblog (although he can't do so anymore here on this forum, after being deported), but you'd think the guy would at least try to make a meaningful, pertinent comment, as opposed to the foolishness there now. And that goes also for the foolishness contained in several of the posts in his comments' section.."

Patrick Madrid (Website): "Talk about Pavlov's dogs. I tinkle the bell over here and, as sure as night follows day, you know exactly what's going to happen over there. Swan must have a truly incredible amount of free time on his hands to spend so much time obsessing about and commenting on what people say on this forum.The phrase "get a life" comes to mind."

Gerry Matatics

Phil Porvaznik

Steve Ray

Mark Shea: (blog) "I'm as prone as the next guy to passing on pseudo-knowledge. So are James Swan and Ray Aviles."

Mark Shea (Website)

Robert Sungenis

Scott Windsor

Friendly Catholics:

Crossed the Tiber

phatcatholic Apologetics

Sancta Mater Ecclesia

Jonathan Prejean: "...[D]emonstrating one's ignorance about Catholicism [is] actually a form of social currency. They're not even trying to understand, for the public demonstration that one does not understand is evidence that one is "regenerate" in one's thinking."

ReformedCatholicism.com: "Why note agreement in this vein with the website of one of the most infamous Reformed Baptist apologists and the view they maintain about Roman Catholic apologists and the psychology of their tactics in pulling Protestants to Rome? Well, for one thing, Swan is certainly correct here."

Art Sippo "Anti-Catholics like Swan, Webster, Ensweger, Svendsen, Chick, and White constantly preach to the choir. Their fans want to believe their lies and so -- like their forbear Uncle Adolph -- they tell big ones and they tell them often. When challenged about this, they whine and make excuses for themselves, but they cut no one else any slack and descend into personal insults whenever they can."

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