Tuesday, July 24, 2007


"Finally, we never cite the early church witness to prove our contention for the canon of Scripture, or any other doctrine. Rather we cite them to demonstrate the false claims, regarding their witness, that non-protestants make in appealing to them." [source]


Carrie said...


Of course, if you quote the ECFs to a Catholic for just that reason you get back "oh, you read the ECFs, well then, you must know...(insert Catholic pet teaching here).

The Scylding said...

Seems that nobody can just read anybody without the heresy / polemical / you must agree with me radar on.

Sounds kind of uncharitable to me - people therefore only see want they want to / think they should see.

God bless you enterprise here, actually interacting with the sources.

Anonymous said...

Why argue about the authority of scripture when they contradict it anyway? Look at http://bible-truths.com