Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fan Club Testimonials

"A little warning next time about where your links lead is all that I ask. At best, one of us might get a computer virus. At worst, we might end up reading James Swan. " [source]


L P Cruz said...


The word 'evangelical' does not mean what it used to mean. It is fluff like clay, since it has become a-creedal, a-historical it now ranges from Benny Hinn to RC Sproul. It is wide as the see and as deep as the grass. You have all varieties and flavors. So I am not surprised that Dr. Wallace said what he said in his post. You can subscribe to the 16 points of a Statement of Faith but those in between those points opens the door for heresy or false teaching.

It has no roots to the first Evangelicals and in fact it abhors them.


Churchmouse said...

I agree wholeheartedly, Lito. I get tired of comparisons. It hit home recently when in dialogue with a Catholic regarding Sola Fide. He made reference to Ted Haggard, who is the former president of the National Associations of Evangelicals, and asked where was Sola Fide when one was sodomizing the other. Asides from the vulgarity of it all, I was a bit red-faced by the realization of what the word "Evangelical" had become. I have no association with Haggard, neither do I adhere to his views, but to look at the list of associate churches under the banner of "NAE" didn't make things better, it made it worse. They're all there: Presbyterians, Lutherans, Baptists, etc. What happened to Evangelicalism when mainline Protestant groups associate themselves with the Haggards, Hinns, and Hickeys of this world?