Saturday, July 14, 2007

I just got back from the outer banks of North Carolina. I stayed about a half mile from the Cape Hatteras lighthouse. I go to the outer banks usually once a year.
It was about a 12 hour drive to get there- normally I like to scan the AM radio dial to hear odd preachers, and this trip had plenty to offer. I heard lots of stuff on end times. The highlight was some woman who claimed to be a medical doctor turned minister crying and pleading for people not to take the mark of the beast. She also said we should pray to be visited by one of the 24 elders mentioned in Revelation.
I also like to do "church spotting."Driving down, we took the scenic route. My favorite church spotting was a one called, "The Apocalyptic Tabernacle." I didn't see any Reformed churches.
I also watched Joyce Meyer every morning.
I'm not sure why, but I tend to do things like this on vacation. I figure, while in the south, I might as well try to fit in. I probably still looked like an arrogant yankee to everyone whom I came in contact with.


GeneMBridges said...

I live in NC.

Eastern NC is a wasteland outside of Wilmington. It's mostly populated by IFBx types or liberals, in terms of the religious environment. You wouldn't know that many of the Baptist churches there were once Regular Baptists.

You'll find Reformed churches, aside from those you might find listed in the Founders directory of churches @, around Fayetteville and Charlotte, as they are historically Presbyterian settlements. The PCA and OPC are in the Triad area as well.

As for the radio, WTRU in the Triad and its extension in Raleigh (can't remember the call letters) regularly runs good preaching and teaching, ranging from John MacArthur to the local Reformed Baptist churches and even Renewing Your Mind with Dr. Sproul. It's your best bet when in NC as far as the radio goes.

Unless people are in areas where FamilyNet is on their cable, the television situation is dismal indeed. It's mostly TBN and similar types of networks, so you'll pretty much get "all heresy all the time." The other choice is EWTN ("All Mary All The Time ;) ). Around here, in the Triad area (Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point), there's a popular call in show called "Ask the Pastor." They utterly refuse to include pastors of Presbyterian or Reformed Baptist/Sovereign Grace churches on the panel that answers questions, so you can just about bet you already know the answers to the questions they get on the doctrines of grace, etc. It's basically one long hour of Arminian and charismatic and dispensationalist ecclesiastical tradition, the sort that would make Dave Hunt proud.

James Swan said...


Thanks for the info. This is the first year in about 6 or 7 that we did not first go to Wilmington. It has simply gotten to crowded. Last year I watched sharks being pulled out of the water I had been swimming in.

Gojira said...

Hi Gene. Cool. I live in NC too. In fact, just two stoplights down from Lowes Moter Speedway.

L P Cruz said...

We got the same habit. Now a days I listen to Christian radio to be amused rather than to be edified.

I can not help but that is the effect of it to me right now.


James Swan said...

Funny though, every so often Joyce Meyer made a good point. I must be getting soft the older i get.

L P Cruz said...

It happens to all of us, but hey if she made a good point so be it, just don't mix the bad as if it were good.

Blatant errors are less dangerous than the subtle ones.

Keep up the good work, keep publishing on Luther, I rely on your research.