Sunday, July 15, 2007

Free Book: Heinrich Boehmer, Luther In Light of Recent Research

For those of you who spend time dialoging with Roman Catholics about Martin Luther, one of my favorite texts is available online:

Heinrich Boehmer, Luther In Light of Recent Research (New York: The Christian Herald, 1916).

Boehmer refutes a lot of the typical Roman Catholic polemic against Luther, and did so long ago. I've had this book for quite some time, and I use it often in research. I recall spending some serious $$ to get this book, but I'm glad it's available for free, so people can do their own research.

If I recall, it was a footnote in the English edition of Luther's Works that led me to this book.

One thing though to note, this is an earlier edition of this book. Boehmer revised the work, making it longer.


Churchmouse said...

Jim, they also got some Luther-based books by the late Jaroslav Pelikan. They're all downloadable. All of them were written quite some time ago, before his conversion to Eastern Orthodoxy. This is the link I used:

James Swan said...


Thanks for the info- I will check them out, but i probably own them. But not having to type out the citations anymore is a blessing!