Saturday, June 30, 2007

Madrid's Video Picks On Purgatory And The Simpsons

Do you have about eight minutes to endure something awful? Catholic apologist Patrick Madrid has posted a YouTube clip he described thus:

"This is good. Really good. You'll want to watch it all the way to the end."

It was awful, but really puts a belief in perspective. Purgatory is not simply a theoretical doctrine for Catholic apologists, it is a reality they believe in. Madrid's approval of the clip shows this clearly. Here is a link to the clip. Pray for those who believe in such non-biblical doctrines.

Madrid has anchored the purgatory video post over on Envoy, along with this post:


I do find the Simpsons funny, even this clip is funny. However, call me humorless if you want, but toward the end of this video clip Bart and Homer in "Catholic Heaven" are bouncing Jesus on a mock-trampoline. I find this highly offensive, but perhaps I should just lighten up and view the clip as the difference between the way I understand Jesus, and the way some Roman Catholics understand Jesus. I'm actually stunned that even Madrid would want to post something that puts a caricature of Christ on a trampoline bouncing him up and down, as he yells out "Stop it, guys I'm serious!" Some things simply are not funny.
Hey Patrick, which Bible are you reading?


Ric said...

Did you say that the video clip was awful? I believe it was an affront to God!

This clearly shows where the Roman Catholic teaching on a man made doctrine of purgatory is nothing more than one's own hope to obtain salvation by one's own works.

Notice (after death) the guy in the video clip had to work for his salvation by accepting the key? The only way to obtain salvation is through repentance and faith in Jesus alone in "this life".

Sickening is what I call that video, and repugnant that someone who is "religious" to support the video clip!

Gojira said...

Extremely well said, both James and Ric. AMEN!

Carrie said...

Okay, maybe I am slow on the uptake today, but what does that video have to do with purgatory?

Ree said...


There are two different clips James is referring to here. The Simpson one is not the same as the purgatory one. I'm not getting any sound for some reason, so until my son fixes whatever is wrong, I can't listen to either of them, but I did figure out that there were two separate clips when I clicked on both links (which I didn't initially understand from reading the post.)

James Swan said...


The Simpsons clip has nothing to do with purgatory, but the first clip does. If you can endure watching it again, note the dialog in the last minute or two.

PS: I visited your blog for the first time this morning, and will be adding to my sidebar.

Carrie said...

I did watch the first clip and still did not get the connection.

I guess I am confused because the guy was already dead. Maybe I am being too literal and this is more metaphoric, but as bad as the doctrine of purgatory is, I didn't think there was an after death decision.

It's not really important anyway. I think I am just thoroughly confused how anyone claiming to be Christian would find such a clip anything less than repugnant (as Ric said).

james - thanks for visiting my blog. I really enjoy your posts and commenters here.

GeneMBridges said...

Carrie, I have been keeping an eye on your blog too, and I'm directing folks I know to it to read your material and encourage you.

Gojira said...

In regards to the Simpson video, it is very eye opening and telling indeed that not only Mr. Madrid, but Mrs. Bonds act as if they are apparently blind to the content.

James Swan said...

Just an fyi, the "Patti" in the Envoy thread is not Patty Bonds.

Gojira said...

Thanks for the fyi. I stand corrected.

Carrie said...


Thanks. I really appreciate that.

ann_in_grace said...

Chills down my spine. The same chills as when one watches those horror movies that make up stories of ghosts and spiritual realities. Not an inch of biblical truth in all of this, jus a pitiful effort to scare people into obeying human ideas.

Ken Temple said...

Yes, it seems that the video teaches that there is a second opportunity to either go to heaven or hell after one dies.

That is actually against the RCC doctrine of Purgatory. (If I understand the doctrine right.) Purgatory is for believers in RCC to work off their impurities and get "scrubbed up" from the venial sins that they have committed.

The Purgatory doctrine is hideous, but that video is even worse, teaching a second change to choose heaven or hell, etc. From what I understand, the doctrine is not supposed to be that. If Catholics approve of this; it actually adds to the confusion about what actually the doctrine really is.

So, Madrid is really sending a bad message for the RCC official doctrine by approving of this video.

Ric said...

Sorry for using a Roman Catholic term, but... "Bingo!"

ken temple,
I can't use "Bingo", for I just used it for ann_in_grace. I will say that your observation is on the money!

L P Cruz said...


I absolutely agree, the video if it is promoted by Mr Madrid is contrary to the doctrine of Purgatory.

I think it is trying to promote a belief in it, like an advertisement for people to believe in the doctrine of purgatory. However, it misleads the viewer, it is false advertising.


Steve Dillard said...

Patrick has clarified matters:

And fwiw, James, I have to say that I have been disappointed of late with your tone. As a catholic, you an I obviously have important theological differences, but it seems to me that you should always attempt to express those differences with a more charitable disposition. In short, I think you're a much better person that your postings of late suggest.

Carrie said...

If Patrick knew the film mentioned purgatory and was an inaccurate reflection of the Catholic doctrine of purgatory, then why did he so highly recommend the film in the first place. That seems very odd.

I suspect all of the insults lobbed at James in that thread is due to a bit embarrassment on his part.

Ric said...

It seems that when the "charitable disposition" card is called for, it usually is demanded from the camp who will not lay the card down.

Gojira said...

Mr. Dillard,

Will you now also point out to Mr. Madrid his tone? He certainly appeared to lack "a more charitable disposition."