Thursday, May 24, 2007

Who Talks About The 5 Points All Day Long?

I just found this tidbit:

"...I'm not going to try to explain my understanding of Justification, or what I think is the understanding that many Calvinists hold. Many of the most outspoken Calvinists of our day draw a line in the sand between Calvinists and everyone else, and say things like, "We preach the true Gospel; any derivation from it means that it is a false gospel." If you don't believe me, just go read the blogs/websites/books by James White and everyone who follows him like a messiah, including Colin Smith, Mike Porter, Alan Kurschner, Jeff Downs, James Swan, and the dozens of guys who hang out in an IRC chatroom hosted by AOMin and talk about the 5 points all day long:"

Hmmm... I wish i had time to talk about Reformed theology all day long, but I have a job and a family. That being said, I rarely do blog entries on Calvinism, nor I do I hang out in a chat room for long periods of time, nor do those whose names appear above. Also, if you do stop into ProsApologian Chat, the topics can vary from the sublime to the.... well, let's just say the topics vary.

If you're curious about the guy who wrote this comment, see his blog entry on John 6 and The Potter's Freedom.


GeneMBridges said...

Ever notice that those who say things like this are very often the ones who do little more than extol the virtues of libertarian freedom all day long themselves. I submit this individual is simply mirror-reading. He has a central plank in his own theology (libertarianism) that he must defend, so he believes, no doubt, that Calvinism is constructed around a central philosophical plank as well (predestination/determinism), ergo he's mirror-reading.

Where's the exegetical argument for libertarianism? I've yet to see one offered in all my years. When I see one offered it is always severely lacking, assuming what it needs to prove, and I generally see nothing more than a philosophical argument for it. For somebody at "" one would think that they would know that. Incidentally, I wonder how they can reconcile the idea that God uses externals/circumstances to ensure a particular result and still hold to libertarianism. If their argument is true, libertarian freedom does not exist. The idea of absolute certainty and indeterminism pull in logically opposite directions.


James Swan said...


Indeed. I've never enjoyed discussions with molinists. It always would be a round and around dialog of philosophical jargon.