Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Team Apologian

Here are my last few entries for Team Apologian:

Gary Michuta, Josephus, and the Twenty-Two Books of the Hebrew Bible- A mini-review of the canon citation of Josephus as explained by Catholic apologist Gary Michuta. (5/9/07)

Checking Facts on the Reformers- A look at the difficulty in engaging a Catholic apologist in dialog. One Romanist is now publishing books with facts probably nott even researched. (4/26/07)

Checking In With The Other Side Of The Tiber- I regularly visit Roman Catholic blogs and websites to see what the apologists are up to. These are a few highlights. (4/19/06)

C. Gordon Olson on John Calvin and the Gift of Faith-C. Gordon Olson presents a fair amount of historical analysis in Beyond Calvinism and Arminianism. Coming under scrutiny is none other than John Calvin. One curious historical tidbit by Olson is the implication Calvin did not believe faith is the gift of God given to a specific chosen people. (4/17/07)

Having A Laugh With Catholic Apologist Mark Shea- A blog entry from Catholic apologist Mark Shea demonstrates the difference in purpose between Catholics and Protestants. Mark took some shots at Dr. White's work on the recent Jesus Tomb controversy. (4/16/07)

C. Gordon Olson: Beyond Calvinism and Arminianism- A look at C. Gordon Olson's book, which is a repackaging of the the anti-reformed arguments of Norman Geisler and Laurence Vance, combining them with an allegedly "inductive" and exegetical Biblical work. (4/15/07)

Envoy's Fixation- The Envoy discussion board will not allow links to Alpha and Omega Ministries, yet they are fixated on the aomin blog. The Envoy crowd are fixated on Alpha and Omega Ministries because the materials and arguments put forth are effective, and they know it. (4/13/07) Update: Another Wonderful Example of the "Charity" of Mr. Bradley.

Catholic Apologist Art Sippo on the 1 Esdras Problem-A quick look at the problems of Esdras and Catholic apologist Art Sippo's evaluation. (4/11/07)

Also noteworthy:

William Webster: A Further Response to Gary Michuta and John Betts on 1 Esdras (4/23/07). I took the time to format this response from William Webster for the aomin blog. As usual, Mr. Webster has provided excellent work in refuting the claims made by Gary Michuta and John Betts.

Alan Kurschner:
Dean Burgon and His Phantom Manuscripts (4/19/07)

Jeff Downs:
The Cult of Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda (4/10/07)

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