Monday, May 21, 2007

Postcards From Mordor

I always try to keep up with my few fans - those that drop me little helpful reviews of something i've written. Here is a recent posting from the Envoy boards:
"James Swan in a May 21st post on the AOMIN blog attempts to justify King’s and Websters’s 3 volume treatise on scripture and tradition. Since the AOMIN blog does not allow responses (as I have noted on prior occasions), I shall attempt to address some of James Swan’s comments here."
"To make a very long story short, there is a Catholic understanding of sola scriptura that is much closer to that of the Church Fathers than that of the Reformers and modern day Evangelicals. My hope is the James Swan (and others) will enter into a constructive dialogue to discuss these important issues."
Hey guess what! Did you know I was banned from the Envoy boards for simply posting a link to an article from AOMIN? Perhaps you should ask Mr. Madrid why he won't let you actually discuss this issue with me on a discussion board, but will let you post a link about me, knowing I can't respond to you on the discussion board.
So please, stop all this nonsense about that big bad meanie James White not allowing responses on his blog. His blog is not a discussion board. If you want "constructive dialog", I suggest writing Mr. Madrid and asking him if Roman Catholicism is more true if links to AOMIN are not allowed to be posted. In other words, let Madrid know the real world still exists outside of his Envoy forums.
Further, if you knew I was banned from Envoy (which I think you do), you need to stop and ask yourself why you would post a thread at Envoy asking me to discuss something, knowing full well I can't respond to you in the thread. In other words, I strongly question your intentions, and find them less than honest. I see your thread as a vehicle to allow the likes of Prejean, Sippo, and Jerry Jet to engage in their typical attacks. Shame on you. You do not want a discussion on this topic, and you know it.

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