Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Team Apologian

Here are my last few entries for Team Apologian:

And They All Lived Happily Ever After?- A short review of the recent controversy surrounding Catholic apologist Robert Sungenis (3/26/07)

Alister McGrath, Justification, and Theological Novums- A quick look at Alister Mcgrath's comment on the Bible Answer Man show on justification (3/22/07)

Interpreter of Gnostic Texts: Simcha Jacobovici- The author of The Jesus Tomb proves he has trouble reading the Gospel of Thomas (3/19/07)

The TQ Fan Club Speaks- Kevin Johnson liked one of my articles, go figure (3/15/07)

Gnostic Sources: The New Complete Version of Biblical Studies- A look at the picture of Jesus put forth by The Infancy Gospel of Thomas, a gnostic writing (3/15/07)

Parallel Methodology: The Tomb of Jesus and Roman Catholic Apologetics-The similarities of methodology put forth by the Jesus Tomb directors and Catholic apologetics (3/14/07)

Also noteworthy:

Alan Kurschner: 3 Steps to Reviewing and Improving NT Greek Grammar and Vocabulary

Jeff Downs: Counterfeit Christianity: The Basics

Colin Smith:

Predestination in Islam: The Doctrine Stated

Predestination in Islam: Dr. Norman Geisler's Critique

Predestination in Islam: A Reformed Critique

Witnessing to Muslims--an Important Point to Remember

Teacher Fired for Encouraging Critical Thinking

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