Saturday, March 24, 2007

Postcards From Mordor

I always try to keep up with my few fans - those that drop me little helpful reviews of something i've written. Here's a recent batch of goodies-
Kevin Johnson: Play Time is Over


Gojira said...

Hi James,

This isn't exactly on topic, but considering that you have posted against sungensis in the past, I was wondering what you thought concerning the split between him and his once VP, Ben Douglass. It appears that before Mr. Douglass crossed swords with Sungenis, all of a sudden Douglass (according to his former buddy Sungenis) doesn't really understand Catholicism at all, especially in regards to the Jewish people. I have no comment on the particularities of their fight, but inlight of the so called Catholic unity, I find it hilarious that each one claims the other doesn't know what the supposed "One True Church" teaches. Kinda bad when they start doing what they condemn Protestants for doing.

For B. Douglass:

As for Sungenis...well his melt down is found on his main page

Gojira said...

I am sorry, but this is just too hilarious:

He writes:
" As expected, Bob Sungenis is now saying, publicly, that Ben is incapable of even recognizing what is orthodox and what is not, when it was just months ago that Bob was singing Ben's praises, saying he was one of the best and most orthodox apologists Bob has ever met."

I am sorry, but that is hilarious to me!!!!!!!!


Ahhhh....okay, okay...I'll go...but ya got to admit, that melt down is FUNNY!!!!!

James Swan said...


These were interesting links. Some very wild quotes from Sungenis:

"It is my personal opinion that it has gotten so bad that I think it would be safe to say that
much of Catholicism and Catholic apologetics today has been taken over, to a very large
extent, by Jewish influence, and I believe it is going to get worse."

"...I have learned the
hard way that many Catholics today simply cannot be trusted with sensitive information."

Gojira said...

The reply to question 33 from this month's Q&A. Sungenis writes:

"Like you, I think a lot of people are begining to see through the smoke screen of Mr. Michael and his cohorts. Like I've always said, when one doesn't have the truth on his side, then one has to resort to all sorts of character assassination and name-calling to influence people. That's what James White used to do to me, but these guys are ten times worse than White. It's a shame that I have to do battle with those who go by the name Catholic..."

I'd say that somebody needs to take a break.....

James Swan said...


I saw that also. He books have been:

Not By Faith Alone
Not By Scripture Alone

His next book:

Sungenis: All Alone

Gojira said...

>Not By Faith Alone
Not By Scripture Alone

His next book:

Sungenis: All Alone<

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! That was a good one!

:-) :-) :-)

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