Saturday, February 24, 2007

Team Apologian

My entries on this blog have had a little less meat than usual. No, it’s not because I’m running out of things to write about. In the past few weeks I’ve concentrated on writing entries for Team Apologian. Thus far, these entries can be found here:

Roman Catholic Conversion Stories: An Introduction

Roman Catholic Conversion Stories: A Response

Who Has The Fullness of Truth?

Catholic Answers Responds to "Who Has The Fullness of Truth?"

Roman Catholic Apologetics Goes Presuppositional

Calvin Said What?

I also want to take the opportunity to mention a few of the other recent Team Apologian entries. Mike Porter wrote a fascinating entry entitled, Bullinger and the Upstart Church in Rome. He also answered some criticisms: Bullinger on Rome, a Reply; Knowing When to Move On; And, my favorite response: Helping out a Faithful Reader.... (A must read!!)
Mike shared a really insightful comment on Paul and Presuppositional apologetics. I look forward to seeing that comment as an upcoming blog entry, or I might just have steal, err..I mean borrow it.

Also, the famous Calvinist Gadfly, Alan Kurschner wrote his first aomin entry, Dave Hunt Defends the Irrationality of Man's Autonomy. Alan has the same bad habit I do- reading Dave Hunt’s latest Berean Call. I’m sure most of you are familiar with the Calvinist Gadfly blog. It is a daily Internet stop for many of us. I look forward to Alan’s contributions to aomin.

Finally, just a reminder on something I mentioned a few weeks back. Writing blog entries actually takes a lot of time. But most time consuming is responding to every jot and title that is given back via the blogback comments or through someone else’s blog. I enjoy the comments, but it really is impossible, given my schedule to respond to every comment. I will probably no longer be able to address the blogback comments, unless it is something of dire importance. I even thought about turning the comments section off- but I do so much enjoy much of the feedback- and the responses can lead to further study. Given my schedule and responsibilites, I simply don't have the time to interact with the comments.


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