Friday, February 09, 2007

From The TertiumQuid Tape Library: Evangelicals on Law and Gospel

I found an old cassette of a White Horse Inn broadcast. This short audio clip below shows the sad state of the Evangelical church in the United States. The premise was simple: go to a large meeting of Christians and ask them to name the 10 Commandments, then ask them to explain justification. In other words, explain law and Gospel. The answers will first amaze you, and then distress you.

Who Knows the 10 Commandments and What Justification Means?

To listen to current broadcasts of the White Horse Inn, click here. The shows put out by these guys are informative for those of you wishing to fulfill the Lord’s words in Matthew 5:13-16.

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FM483 said...

Rod Rosenbladt has some excellent audios on Justification. One can find the links at:

I would encourage readers to review Chris Rosebrough’s post on his discovery of the apparent contradictions between Law and Gospel in the Scriptures at the web site.

Frank Marron