Monday, February 26, 2007

An Ancient Voice For The Day #4

Augustine (354-430) while commenting on Isaiah 43:

"What comes next? I will make a way in the wilderness. In which wilderness? That of the nations, of course, where there was no worship of the true God. I will make a way in the wilderness, and streams in the dry places. Nowhere among the nations were the prophets ever read, now their writings are flooding all the nations."

Source: John E. Rotelle, O.S.A., ed., WSA, Newly Discovered Sermons, Part 3, Vol. 11, trans. Edmund Hill, O.P., Sermon 374.21 (Hyde Park: New City Press, 1997), p. 405.

For an excellent compilation of quotes of the Church fathers teaching on the primacy, sufficiency and ultimate authority of Scripture, get a copy of Holy Scripture:The Ground and Pillar of Our Faith Vol III- The Writings of the Church Fathers Affirming the Reformation Principle of Sola Scriptura.

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Anonymous said...

It is amazing that no one sees the hi-jacking of the Church Fathers that you are trying to pull off. First you hi-jack the Sacred Scriptures, now you try and take the church fathers and misinterpret them as well. Why should I be surpised though? That is the M.O. of Protestantism. Steal form the Church and intepret what you steal to suit your own agenda. Good job, you are doing exactly what you are espected to!