Monday, February 05, 2007

An Ancient Voice For The Day #1

A few years back over on The Areopagus discussion board, a series ran entitled, “An Ancient Voice For The Day”. The series provided brief quotes from the early church fathers. I received permission to re-run this series here, so every Monday, I’m going to do just that.

Salvian the Presbyter (5th century):
Whether men fulfill them or not is of no consequence for increasing the authority of the divine words, because it is certain that their force is derived from the person of the Lord and not from the obedience of His servants. We cannot add or take away from things whose honor is always constant because God is their author.

[Source: FC, Vol. 3, The Writings of Salvian, The Presbyter, The Four Books of Timothy to the Church, Book 3, §10 (New York: CIMA Publishing Co., Inc., 1947), p. 333. ]

For an excellent compilation of quotes of the Church fathers teaching on the primacy, sufficiency and ultimate authority of Scripture, get a copy of Holy Scripture:The Ground and Pillar of Our Faith Vol III- The Writings of the Church Fathers Affirming the Reformation Principle of Sola Scriptura.

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