Monday, January 22, 2007

How "Lutheran" Are You?

I found this quiz, How Lutheran Are You?. No, I didn’t score 100. The results showed I was 75% Lutheran. Most of the questions in which I knew the answers were about Martin Luther. The questions I didn’t know were in Reference to Lutheran hymnals and Denominational details. The quiz doesn’t really show how “Lutheran” one is. Actually, the quiz shows how much one knows about Lutheranism.


Gojira said...

I'm 65%. I messed up on the hymnals as well, and of course one other thing or three.

FM483 said...

I scored 87 percent. The various synodical facts about WELS and the ELCA,such as the hymnals,were also unclear to me. THose are what I would call "ancillary" knowledge. I could have made a much better quiz, I think. I would have concentrated on the biblical basis for Lutheranism, more than on just peculiar denominational facts such as what a hymnal is called in a particular synod. Maybe I'll make up my own. How about a Reformed one James?

Frank Marron

Anonymous said...

100%- but had to guess on the ELCA and ELS hymnbooks.

James Swan said...

There used to be a really funny Luther vs. the Papacy test, but I can't find it. The questions were all doctrinal, mostly on Justification. The scoring rated you as either "Friend of Luther" or "Friend of the Papacy", or something like that.

Black Sheep said...

*Hangs head in shame*

I dont know anything about WELS or stuff like that.
Heavily biased towards Americans pfff!