Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Few Short Luther & Reformation Quizzes

Here's some follow up quizzes- these are more biographical:

Martin Luther Quiz

Now try this one: The Life of Martin Luther

Here's a quiz on the Reformation: Reformation quick Quiz . Careful with this one, It's timed (60 seconds).

Here is a funny Reformation quiz: History Quiz Seven: Reformation. Wait till you see question #9- whoever put this quiz together should be failed.

Here's a quiz that doesn't give you the answers to know how you did: Reformation quiz.

And here's a Reformation quiz with typo's for 6th Graders: Reformation quiz.


Anonymous said...

84% on the funny quiz (funny answers anyway)

I missed the German name for "A mighty Fortress" on another. Got the rest right.

Thanks James


FM483 said...

Here is a short Reformation quiz unlike these others:

True or false:

1. The main reason for the 16th century Reformation was due to the abuses which had crept into the medieval church, such as the selling of indulgences.
2. According to Luther and fellow Reformers such as Chemnitz, the primary cause of man’s separation from God has always been and remains sin.
3. The ancient custom of private confession of sins was totally abandoned as a result of the Reformation.
4. According to Luther, a person’s good works can be equally offensive to God as are his failures to obey God’s commandments.
5. According to confessional Lutheranism., the only orthodox preacher is the man who can rightly distinguish between Law and Gospel.
6. The theology of Martin Luther is not covenantal, but rather Testamental.
7. Lutherans see the primary emphasis of the bible as the sovereignty of God.
8. Lutherans advocate the principle of progressive sanctification.
9. Generally speaking,confessional Lutheranism has the most to say about theological topics.
10. Lutherans believe that baptism is necessary for salvation.

Frank Marron

James Swan said...

Frank- don't forget to post the answers at some point.

pilgrim said...

That question #9 doesn't have a correct choice.

And that quiz wouldn't show me how I did either.

James Swan said...


At the bottom of the page, it says, "Grade me"