Monday, December 04, 2006

Theological Ear Candy

I don’t normally do blog entries dedicated to intentionally advertising other websites, but this one just happens to show what someone with a computer, some great books, and a microphone can do.

This link, Radio Apologia, is a goldmine of audio recordings of great Reformed and apologetic books, done by someone who’s not a “reading professional”, but yet does an adequate job making the material available for listening. Here is a selection that I’ve downloaded and listened to:

Holy Scripture Ground and Pillar of Truth by David King [play now] [download]

This is a reading of chapter 6, “Scripture: The Only Infallible Norm” from the King/Webster set, Holy Scripture: The Ground and Pillar of our Faith. Topics in this chapter include:

-Scripture Precedes the Church

-The Roman Catholic Appeal to Apostolic Succession

-Scripture, Not The Church, is the Only Infallible Norm

I know nothing about the person who runs this site. By some of his links, he appears to be a theonomist, and post-millennial. I am neither. I can though, still appreciate the immense amount of work he’s put into his website. I spend a lot of time driving. Being able to listen to material that I would probably spend time reading really saves me time at home, and also makes the drive more pleasant.


Churchmouse said...

Great site, Jim. There are quite a few things that I'm getting set to download. Pastor King is definitely the first. I'd also like to listen to Godfrey's take on J. Gresham Machen and Van Til's talk on Aquinas, but considering the sizes of the files, I think I'll take my laptop to the school tomorrow and download them there. They have a great wireless hookup that puts DSL to shame.

Hope you and yours are well :-)


James Swan said...

Hi Ray-

Thanks for stopping by. I'm still going to steal some of your blog entries on purgatory.

BTW, please don't go theonomist from all those audio links.