Friday, July 07, 2006

July 4th 2006. A day I will Remember

This is just a quick update to note i've been working on a response to some of Catholic Apologist Bob Klaus's points about Romans 3:28 and, you guessed it, Martin Luther. I'm reaching one of those points where i've had a lot of the historical Luther, and I would take anything different at this point, even the Puritans. But Luther is always a hot topic, and I guess its what i'm good at.

It's been taking me longer than usual in my response to Klaus because I can't see all that well. Now, I normally have excellent vision.

No, I wasn't playing with firecrackers on July 4th. I was doing what I refer to as "Rambo Yard Work". In other words, I go out solo into my overgrown yard on a search and destroy mission. I try to subdue and conquer my environment. The yard drew first blood, that's for sure. "It's Never Over!" I managed to pull out bushes, small trees, and I even cut all the grass in one shot. I used trimmers, weed wackers, a leaf blower, the hose- and a host of other yard weapons. Overall, people walking down the street are no longer laughing at my house as was usual. No, I conquered the yard, or so I thought.
Well, during the battle, I was given an almost fatal blow from the yard that I hadn't realized- I contracted poison "something"- i'm not sure if it was poison ivy or sumac, or whatever. Now, I have a high tolerance for pain, so a normal episode of poison ivy is no big deal

However this time, I contracted poison ivy(?) around my eyes, causing them to swell to shut. I look at little bit like this poor guy whose picture I found on medical web site.
Now Rambo would've set the yard on fire and had a helicopter pick him up. I on the other hand will be making a white "surrender flag" and making peace with my yard.

While I try to be cautious and precise with theology, my yard skills are pitifull. Lesson learned. Full scuba suit next time I do yard work.


MasterJedi said...

Sorry to hear that James, but I really sympathize with you. It sounds like you may have removed some of the ivy/oak/sumac as you were attempting to renovate the yard and in doing so, may have released a great deal of the plant oils that secrete on to your skin and cause the reaction to begin with. I doubt it got directly in your eyes, but most definitely on your hands/arms. I would imagine it was very hot and humid where you were, and maybe you wiped some sweat away from your face/eyes and spread it in that manner. Nonetheless, it is not good anyway you look at it! Good thing is, once the plant oils have been removed from your skin (through a rinsing or taking a shower ... you have showered since, haven't you James?) it will no longer spread on your body, nor is contagious (assuming its poison ivy). If you haven't gone to the doctor yet, I would recommend doing so. He will probably prescribe a tablet that is taken for about 5-7 days, which almost works immediately in dealing with the skin irritant. I know because it happened to me about 2 weeks ago. Get well soon...?

Oddball Pastor said...

You, sir, have a legitimate excuse for not posting. Me? I am just going on vacation.

If I may be so bold, claim the peace that surpasses all undertsanding and name the name of Christ and claim the promise to subdue the earth and fill it with something less noxious.

If however, like me, you don''t get into name it and claim it" stuff, then just sit tight and hire the neighbour kid.

In any event be blessed and get well.

Churchmouse said...

Gosh! That's rough Jim. I can sympathize with the yard work though. My yard and lawn are green in color only. Unfortunately, at this stage, the creeping charlies outnumber the grass. I haven't run into anything that will make the eyes swell and the skin itch, but if there's a plant that looks weird, I throw borax on it. In a day or two it gives up the ghost :-)


James Swan said...

Thanks guys-

The eyes are better, but i'm still a mess.