Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Exposed: Melanchthon Advocated The Death Penalty

"So keep challenging, my Protestant friends, and I will keep proving my assertions more and more strongly, with more and more sources. If that is what you desire, go ahead, and keep questioning both my stated facts and even (also almost invariably) my motivations for why I do these things."- 

A Detective Catholic Apologist has exposed even more damning evidence against Lutheran reformer Philip Melanchthon. This time, he’s uncovered the often suppressed fact that Melanchthon advocated “the death penalty for denial of the Eucharistic real presence and his later crypto Calvinist Eucharistic positions.”

He says his intent this time is to prove his point to an Anglican friend who challenged him. He does though link to his earlier magnum opus, The Protestant Inquisition, Reformation Intolerance and Persecution. - the link contains extensive, blood curdling documentation on the intolerance of people who lived in the 16th Century. I’m sure most of you will be shocked to find out that Protestants in the 16th Century were…. intolerant.
I’m sure this will greatly trouble Lutherans everywhere: a 16th Century man advocated the death penalty for theological reasons. It sounds so hard to believe that a person born in the 16th Century would think something so, medieval.

So after reading these links, I’m sure many of you will be leaving your Protestant churches, to join the “Give Peace A Chance” Roman Catholic Church- A Church with a long history of peace, love, and respect for human being everywhere.