Saturday, April 01, 2006

Project Wittenberg Lives

A week or so back I posted a blog entry wondering if Project Wittenberg was finished. Project Wittenberg is a website dedicated to presenting the writings of Martin Luther. I was disheartened to find that the site was down, and I half-heartedly made a comment that I was going to take charge of the site. I have neither the time nor resources for such an endeavor!

I was somewhat stunned last week when the man directly responsible for the Project Wittenberg web site responded to this blog entry on the fate of Project Wittenberg. Perhaps someone sent him my comment that a Calvinist was going to take over the site. Well, I was kidding, obviously. Now, I never know who’s reading the blog. I always think it’s probably up near five people. So, one of you five must have e-mailed my comments to Reverend Bob Smith who runs Project Wittenberg.

Reverend Smith made this happy announcement in a blogback comment:

You will be happy (or at least I am happy to announce that Project Wittenberg is not dead, it is just sleeping. ;-)The organization that was kind enough to host Project Wittenberg (and several Reformed projects, too) has gone the way of all flesh. In this internet world, made to survive a nuclear explosion, that does not mean the documents -- or Project itself -- are dead. Concordia Theological Seminary's Walther Library, the unofficial home of PW since its advent in 1994, has stepped up to the plate. The site is now online again (, this time to stay. All of the old URLs still work; all you need do is substitute the with and you're there.

In the Peace of Christ Crucified,

Rev. Bob Smith
Project Wittenberg Coordinator and
Electronic Resources Librarian
Concordia Theological Seminary
Fort Wayne, Indiana

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