Saturday, April 22, 2006

Catholic, But Not Roman Catholic

I'm sure most of the people stopping by this blog are familiar with the work of Jason Engwer from Ntrmin. Recently I was looking through some files on my computer and came across Jason's series, Catholic, But Not Roman Catholic. This is an excellent compilation of quotes from the patristic writers showing that they understood the faith once delivered to all the saints quite differently than modern Roman Catholics.

Ntrmin provides a downloadable version of this series:

Searchable Download Version!

If you spend a lot of time studying church history, and if you spend time dialoging with Roman Catholics, I strongly suggest downloading this series. The download version is laid out nicely with a searchable index on many topics- If you're a bit of chicken on downloading documents- you can also view the material as web pages:

How to Read the Series
Patristic Index
May-June 02 Archive
July-Sept 02 Archive
Oct-Dec 02 Archive
Jan-Mar 03 Archive
Apr-May 03 Archive
Concluding Thoughts from Jason Engwer


"ABBA Menjawab" said...

I cannot download the series, could you help me to get the series?? Thanks.

James Swan said...

Try this-