Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Basic Apologetics

"Echoes From The Plains" Apologetics Corner
My church puts out a bi-monthly extended Newsletter called Echoes From The Plains. I submit articles on basic apologetic issues

Common Misunderstandings of John 3:16 (1/05): A look at apologetic opportunites to explain Reformed theology to non-reformed people.

Apologetics and the Christian Bookstore (1/06): Catholic apologetic books are now for sale in Protestant bookstores.

I Believe in The Resurrection Because…..Sola Scriptura (4/06)- Countless books have been written "proving" the Resurrection of Christ. The best reason though to believe in the resurrection is because the Bible says it happened.

Other:Various Apologetic issues from the blog

Why is "Soul Sleep" So Important for a Seventh Day Adventist? -A look at where the doctrine of "soul sleep" fits in SDA theology.

Basic Doctrine Quiz (Part 1)- A quiz from the White Horse Inn gang on basic doctrine. It's important to know the truth....see if you do.

Church History Quiz (Part Two)- Church history did not begin with Billy Graham. See how well you know about your own spiritual forefathers.

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