Friday, May 27, 2011

Fearful Teen Commits Suicide Due to Harold Camping's Judgment Day Prediction

A 14-year-old girl from Russia was so scared of the May 21 doomsday and rapture prediction made by Harold Camping that she committed suicide the same day, investigators said Wednesday. The teenager wanted to choose death rather than be among the ones suffering on earth after the rapture. [source]


Family Radio Gets $1 Million Offer to Purchase 66 Stations
A Bible teaching ministry is offering Family Radio, ministry of Harold Camping, $1 million to purchase its entire network of 66 stations in the U.S. A Bible Answer said it would assume ownership of the Family Radio stations the day after October 21, Camping's new date for Doomsday.

Investigators Believe Harold Camping's End of the World Prediction to Blame for Fla. Man's Death
Investigators looking into the circumstances of the death of a young man from Florida are suspecting Harold Camping’s rapture prediction and the publicity generated by the Family Radio man’s followers may have pushed him over the edge.Victor Frasno, 25, described by investigators as very religious, was staying with family in California when he became hysterical as Harold Camping’s Judgment Day was about to arrive hours later. Despite the fact that he couldn’t swim, he jumped into the huge reservoir in Contra Loma Regional Park, Antioch saying he had to “get to God.”

Camping's Sunday morning comments on May 22:
Harold Camping speaks at home 5/22 by Brandoom

Listen to NPR's Doomsday Believers Cope With An Intact World from May 23. Read the NPR story.


LPC said...

I am so shaken to hear about that young girl.

This is what false doctrine does to people, it destroys them.


James Swan said...

Yes, there is a consequence to ideas. I don't think we've heard yet of what Camping's ideas have done to people.