Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Additional comments to Dr. White's excellent recent series on Sola Scriptura

Dr. James White recently did a 5 part series on Sola Scriptura.  I had planned to go through it again and type out more of his comments and analysis, but all I have had time for is to make about 5 additional points that I would make; additional points to his already excellent series.  See the link to John Samson's blog post of putting all 5 together in one post.



EA said...

I listened to this series - it was as you said, excellent. I highly recommend it.

James Swan said...

I heard most of it, and I likewise found it beneficial. Some of my early exposure to understanding the doctrine of sola scriptura was the Dividing Line shows Dr. White did back in the 90's (or early 2000's, I don't recall the specifics). The shows were only 30 min. long. I appreciated his revisiting the topic in an extended way.