Thursday, February 19, 2015

Recent Reformation / Luther Postings

Here's a few things I came across over the last few days from a few different perspectives:

Luther on God's "Hardening" and "Softening" of Human Hearts (reformation 21)- An interesting comparison of the Synod of Dort and Luther's Bondage of the Will. (Reformed)

Martin Luther Was A Calvinist! (From Geneva to Wittenberg)- A bit of sarcasm from a Lutheran pointing out that many Reformed folks don't read past Luther's Bondage of the Will.

The "Obdurate Jews" (Jewish Currents)- A short post in which the comments delve into Luther's final statement on the Jews.

Looking Back at what the Reformation has Done A Free for all from our friends on the Catholic Answers "Non-Catholic Religions" forum. A poll asks, "If Luther could do it all over again, would he?" Here are the poll results thus far.

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