Monday, November 10, 2014

A Muslim says God can lie, sin, fornicate and become a dog if He chooses to do so

Recent Debate between Dr. James White and Shadid Lewis
"Is Jesus God Almighty Most High?"

Part 1

Part 2

I noticed that Dr. White's cross examination of Shadid Lewis is not yet up.  I wonder if they had technical problems with that part of the debate.

In part 2, around the 11:30 ff mark, Shadid Lewis says that God is able to sin - to lie, to become a dog, and to fornicate!  You can hear the audience shock at that admission.

Many times over the past 31 years, I have heard Muslims say the same thing; that God is able to lie and sin; but He just chooses not to sin.  I wonder if that is an official doctrine or not; but it is very common in Muslim thought.

Here is one of the great differences between Islam and Christianity.

In Christianity, God is not able to sin or lie or do anything like fornicate.  (Titus 1:2 - "God, who cannot lie"; 1 John 1:5)

The true God cannot do anything that is against His nature.  It is so wonderful that we have a perfect God in the Holy Trinity.

But the god of Islam can sin if He wants to and chooses to, as Shadid admits.


PeaceByJesus said...

James, would you deal with the alleged (no real substantiation) ex-terrorist shoebat and his "Exposing Martin Luther's Love Affair With Islam" and “Them ‘Damned’ Catholics.” He sounds more like a Muslim in his ranting style .

I did a refutation of the latter here , but you must have more material and could provide better quality of correction i think.

Thanks be to God.

Ken said...

Thanks for that link. I hope to find time to read it all.

Dr. White responded on several DL programs to Shoebat's stuff.

PeaceByJesus said...

Dr. White responded on several DL programs to Shoebat's stuff.

I found ( them, but they are all videos, which are not as conducive for finding quotes to use in apologetics.

Thanks though.