Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pope Seeks Ecumenical Peace With Kenneth Copeland

The pope of Rome sends well-wishes to the pope of the Pentecostals:

The Pope said he spoke as "a brother" and "in a simple way," inviting them: "Let us allow our nostalgia (yearning) to grow, because this will propel us to find each other, to embrace one another. And together to worship Jesus Christ as the only Lord of History."
"I thank you profoundly for listening to me," the Pope continued. "I thank you profoundly for allowing me to speak the language of the heart."
And he asked the congregation for prayer, a request that they granted immediately following the video, as Copeland led the congregation in prayer, which he described as "prayer in the Spirit," as they spoke in tongues.
Francis urged: "And let us pray to the Lord that He unites us all. Come on, we are brothers. Let's give each other a spiritual hug and let God complete the work that he has begun. And this is a miracle; the miracle of unity has begun.


John Bugay said...

Thanks for the heads-up on this James. It is a transparent move to show some kind of unity between Roman Catholics and the Pentecostals in Latin America, many of whom have rejected Roman Catholicism in their lives.

You have to wonder what in the world Copeland knows about Roman Catholicism -- doesn't seem like much, given his response to this.

Hugh McCann said...

"Tongues" are like Alhambra Water: Making Friends?

RPV said...

Does it get any zanier?
This is a Monte Python skit, right? Right?

But if da pope is really going to fit in, he needs to get the lingo down.
It's "I just thank you profoundly....".
Leave that four letter word out and the inauthenticity becomes too much to ignore, as well as that it exposes Francis's opportunistic hypocrisy.

On the other hand, why would anybody want these guys on their team?
Do they really have that much money?
And Francis is supposed to be the reincarnation of the new "poor pope".

Ken said...

If you follow the links to the video, and watch the video before the Pope comes on, It seems it was directed to Tony Palmer, the Anglican- Episcopal bishop, who showed the video at Copeland's "church". It was not clear to me that the Pope would even know who the Copeland's are.

I wonder if the Anglican bishop is "word of faith" (the heretical prosperity false gospel). I wonder how it came to be that an Anglican-Episcopal bishop who's main ministry is in ecumenical efforts and ministry to AIDS sufferers, got connected with Copeland - Copeland is one of the worst heretics of the Word of Faith-Prosperity movement.

It seems 3 heretical churches are getting together.

Tony Palmer, the Anglican-Episcopal Bishop, is who the video is addressed to.

In his series on Romans, Palmer wrote:

"RCC (Roman Catholic Church) and Lutheran ‘Joint Declaration of Justification by Faith’ – signed Oct, 1999 brought an end to the ‘Protest’ and simultaneously the Protestant era.) "

I never saw anyone before make that big of a statement that the era of Protestantism was brought to an end. Wow. They don't seem to know much outside of their ecumenical type efforts.

Hugh McCann said...
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Hugh McCann said...

Amen, Ken. It's Tony's video he showed @ Kenny's house.

Tony's take-away quote: "Diversity is divine; division is diabolical."

"This brought an end to the protest of Luther"?!?!

The papists can ape "sola gratia," but balk (rightly) at "sola fide."

Tony Palmer is a liar.

The charismatic movement is diabolical, leading to this false unity via false doctrines and a false gospel.

It has successfully brought together confused Evangelicals, ill-informed Anglicans, undiscerning Lutherans, and bridge-building papists.

It's "The Tower of Babel, Part Two."