Saturday, March 16, 2013

"Martin Luther just knew that Catholics had too many rules"

I realized I haven't had any blog posts up for a few days... the reason is due to my free time being spent over on the Catholic Answers Non Catholic Religions forum involved in the discussion, "Martin Luther just knew that Catholics had too many rules." I will be doing a recap at some point in the future.  I certainly though have learned about the standards Catholic Answers uses to moderate their forums in regard to what posts are allowed, which are deleted, who gets banned, who doesn't, which subjects are "on topic" and which aren't, and which religious bodies are allowed to be ridiculed and insulted and which are not.  


Algo said...


I have been enjoying your work in that discussion.

I thought for sure you were going to be Banned on Wed.

"Your Access Has Been Revoked.
Reason: Stop Telling Us So Much Truth"

James Swan said...

Thanks Algo.

The last post I put up on CA was removed within minutes. It was a detailed response on those who attack Luther's mental state. It was said to be off-topic. If it was so off-topic, why was my post deleted, while the person who made the absurd claim in the first place did not have her/his posts deleted?

This is just a small example of the sort of double standards I've been going through over there.

Tom R said...

> "Martin Luther was married to the Church and bailed out when he couldn't handle it anymore"

Err, no,actually he got an annulment from the Church because he found his putative monastic vows were invalid ab initio. Completely different thing.