Friday, March 08, 2013

Do You Have Problems Confessing Sin?

Well, these folks do: 

Catholic Answers from this discussion:

"You have a valid complaint."

"Your complaint is valid if there is no option for "behind the screen" confession at all."

"I don't think you have a valid compliant in this instance."


Justin said...

A work on the subject by Charles Chinquy, former RC priest turned Presbyterian:

The Priest, The Woman, and the Confessional.

I would have a problem with this kind of popery, too.

Brigitte said...

Reading that nearly ruined me. Certainly it kept me up late. Only my Latin is too bad to have my sensitive soul dragged into the mud. (Questions at the very end.)

Thankfully, Luther had a good handle on it.

James Swan said...

Keep in mind, when I post links to stuff like this, it isn't to mock Romanism. There's a sense in which this entire discussion they're having is very sad, on a number of levels.

Justin said...


I imagine being put in such a situation would be very hard. I agree that it is very sad.


Reformed Apologist said...

Should make us all hate with a righteous indignation that man-made religion of tyranny. Maybe the priests should confess their sins of child abuse in the like manner before being taken out and stoned (after presenting them the gospel of course, even in tears.)

Brigitte said...

I've been to confession and absolution with a Lutheran minister and I assure you that nothing of the sort happened.