Friday, December 28, 2012

Two More Minutes of Personal Fame: Table Talk With Martin Luther: A Modern Catholic's Conversations With the founder of Protestantism

I can't be the only narcissist that every so often, types their own name into Google to see what comes up.   The results don't always flatter, that 's for sure. For instance, this link, James Swan Chokes Mom, Smashes Head Through Wall, in Argument Over World of Warcraft, certainly besmirches those named "James Swan."

Here's something quite odd I discovered on Google Books searching my name: Table Talk With Martin Luther: A Modern Catholic's Conversations With the founder of Protestantism (2005) By Edward P Hahnenberg, Edward J. Hahnenberg. I admit, I haven't read this book, nor have I've heard of the authors, nor do I think I've ever come across it before. The subject matter certainly intrigues me: Roman Catholic opinions and interpretations of Luther and the Reformation. I've spent quite a few years now involved with this topic. Google has a limited preview of the book, and this is what I found:

That's all the text available from Google for preview of these pages. They're citing my old NTRmin article, The Roman Catholic Perspective of Martin Luther (Part One). I put this article together after dealing with a number of online Roman Catholics citing Luther via 100+ year-old Roman Catholic historians. Not only did I discover that online Roman apologists hadn't actually read Luther in context, but that those historians they were citing were, for the most part, not even taken seriously by later Roman Catholic historians.

Had these men alerted me of their book back in 2005, I certainly would have obtained it and reviewed it. Perhaps I still will. On the other hand, I've not said anything in the above quote that hasn't been said by historians actually worthy of citing. I'm merely parroting back what's been said and documented for a long time.

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