Saturday, August 04, 2012

Left Wing Hypocrisy and Immoral Values vs. Conservative Values

Rahm Emanuel’s hypocrisy :

The racist and hate monger, Louis Farrakhan, leader of the American cult/heresy of Islam, "The Nation of Islam",  is welcomed in Chicago by mayor Rahm Emanuel.  (Who was also President Obama’s chief of staff and campaigned for Bill Clinton when he was running for President.) Not only is Louis Farrakhan a racist and anti-Semite and hate monger and claims to be some kind of a Muslim, most Sunni and Shiite Muslims repudiate him and his doctrines as a cult and heresy of Islam.    But all Islamic groups are much more intolerant of homosexuality than any Christian is, as when the Muslim community becomes the majority and they get political power and are able to enact Sharia (law), then homosexual acts are punishable by execution.  (As regularly happens in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, and other Muslim majority countries.)

Even liberals and some who support “gay marriage” are pointing out the hypocrisy:

Something I heard Dennis Prager (an orthodox, conservative Jew) say on his radio show, as I was driving – either Wed. or Thursday about the “Chick-fil-A” appreciation day:

“Mitt Romney missed a great photo opt today – he should have had a chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-A (that promotes Christian, conservative values) and then an ice-cream at Ben and Jerry’s (that promotes liberal values) and celebrated freedom of speech and free-enterprise markets.”  Dennis Prager  (from my memory from hearing him on the radio as I was driving in my car, either Wed, August 1, or Thursday, August 2).

That attack on Dan Cathy and Chick-fil-A reveals the left’s hatred for moral standards, Biblical marriage, and Christianity; but the conservatives and others who supported Chick-fil-A are a combination of conservative types without respect to religion, Evangelicals, Roman Catholics, Mormons, other conservatives, libertarians, and probably some who are Democrats - who may be liberal in their politics, and some who support "same sex marriage"-  but who think clearly on the issue of freedom of speech,  who are showing their support mostly on the root principle of free-speech and free-enterprise market business economic values.  Certainly the Biblical standard of marriage is part of that motivation for Christians and many conservatives, but the main point is freedom of speech and our free market economy. 

It is ironic, in these troubled economic times, that these left wing mayors (of Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles) and a Chicago alderman * would try and block a good business that could stimulate the economy and create more jobs, without any need for government subsidies or raising of taxes, as in Obama’s failed Solyndra debacle. 

* I learned something new:
"An alderman is a member of a municipal assembly or council in many jurisdictions founded upon English law."

The political pundits at "The Five" on Fox News also make some other good points, on the massive increase of murder crime in Chicago, and that it seems Rahm Emanuel wanted to divert attention away from his crime and murder and violence problem to trying to discriminate against Chick-fil-A.  


steelikat said...

You cannot understand people like Rahm Emanuel if you think about his actions in terms of what he loves. Does he love Moslems? Does he love homosexuals? Of course he loves neither. I suppose he loves manipulating Moslems and homosexuals, covertly exercising power over them. Does he love homosexuality or "gay marriage?" Not really. Maybe there is a sense in which you could say he loves or likes those perversions, but those loves are really rooted in hate and nihilism..

The reason he made those stupid remarks about Chick fil a is that he hates Christianity and Christians--which is the same reason he's so cordial to NOI.

He loves himself, of course, and loves power. Probably adores it, even.

Ken said...

I agree with you - those do seem to be the roots of the whole thing with him.

RPV said...

Marital rights for sodomites and lesbians is one of the big lies that Joe Goebbels talked about.

But just like Animal Farm, some animals are more equal than other.

If homosexual unions are licit, than so too it necessarily follows that inevitably incestual and polygamous must also become lawful.

IOW heterosexuals are not "free" to marry anybody they want to even as homosexuals are only asking - really demanding - their so called "equal rights".

But such is the nature of big lies and the sinful natural man.

That some Christians buy into it, is what is really sad.

Ken said...

Marital rights for sodomites and lesbians is one of the big lies that Joe Goebbels talked about.

The Nazi Minister of Propaganda ? - Really ? What do you mean exactly by "talked about"?