Monday, February 27, 2012

March 2012 is the End of the World...Harold Camping's Ideas Lives On

I still check in on some of the Harold Camping-related groups. The picture above is from one of the groups that has been closest to (but just far enough away from) Mr. Camping, eBible fellowship. The main voice from this website is Chris McCann. He was actually a featured speaker on Family Radio previously when the world ended. It appears these Camping followers are a liitle more careful now... notice the question mark in the graphic? They appear to be carrying  the numerology-date-setting torch now. On their website they provide this thirty second video teaser:

Their recent calculations for March 2012 go as follows:

In this study we are going to discuss some things related to the five months of torment that we had thought would take place between May 21 and October 21, 2011. As we do so, we will find that we were correct in our understanding that God intended to judge the world for a period of five months. But we will also learn that we were incorrect regarding one of our assumptions about the dating of the five months period of torment. In this study we will attempt to correct this misunderstanding, and afterwards also see how God’s timeline extends from:
1.May 21, 2011 (the beginning of Judgment Day) until the last day of Judgment Day.
2.Five months of torment from May 21 until a date in October 2011, during the feast of tabernacles.
3.From the end of the five months in October 2011 until the feast of Purim in March, 2012

This other video lays out their position:

If you're curious at all to see how these folks work through all this stuff, they have an active message board: Time and Judgement.


Martin Yee said...

It is amazing how crazy people can get. Here in Asia too there are doomsday people predicting the End of the world every now and then. Btw Harold Camping's radio ministry has a radio station in Batam, an Indonesian island next to Singapore. Most of the Christians in Singapore dismissed their End of the World predictions as nonsense but some are disturbed by it.

James Swan said...

...On the other hand, I have a friend obsessed with the idea that the world is not going to end and everything was fulfilled in 70 AD.

Martin Yee said...

Haha...that's interesting. Never hear anyone say such thing here in Asia. Btw what do we call such people? Cessationists?