Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Resources: Eric Svendsen's Roman Catholic Debate on Authority

Ken's recent post and a few helpful links from my cyber-pal Algo have combined to prompt me to provide a link to Eric Svendsen's debate on authority. When I first began studying Roman Catholic issues, I was fortunate enough to come across Eric Svendsen's Ntrmin.org website

I haven't heard this debate (or if I did, I don't recall it), nor have I kept up with Eric. I look forward to checking it out.

Debate : Authority
(Video part one)
(Video Part two)

Mitch Pacwa argues the Roman Catholic position (amounting to sola ecclesia), while Eric Svendsen argues the Protestant position (sola scriptura). This debate took place in Oklahoma City on May 2007.


Rhology said...

I was there!
My review of the debate.

James Swan said...

Yes I recall that. I have not had the chance yet to re-listen to this debate.

"Horrified gasp from audience mbrs when Dr Svendsen insists on labeling the RC position as Sola Ecclesia."