Saturday, May 21, 2011

Quick Camping Update

I drove past a house today with a Camping / end of the world poster in the front yard. The driveway was full, and there appeared to be a lot of people in the house. Driving past the same house an hour later, the sign was gone.

I get Family Radio's TV station. Earlier today, Harold Camping was still being broadcasted. Now, even though the digital guide says "Open Forum" Harold is nowhere to be found. They are playing various odd programing, including drama shows produced by the Lutheran church, an old black and white documentary on WW2, and a lot of organ music ("Joy of Music"). This entry from Wikipedia states, "Initially, in 1996, WFME-TV carried the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod-produced drama series This is the Life, local Baptist and Christian Reformed church services and a few national televangelists. In 2002, after Family Radio founder Harold Camping declared that "the church age was over", these outside ministries disappeared. This is the Life was dropped in 2007." The church age seems to have started up again, based on the programming.

EzekielThirtythree3 appears (in my opinion) to be a film maker who managed to infiltrate the Camping cult. Today's "1 Day Left" video leaves very little doubt in my mind the guy scammed his way into Family Radio.

I'm still watching this live feed from a Campingite. he hasn't given up yet, and he's all over the place. He has stated that this event was spiritual, and is distancing himself from Camping.

Family Radio's radio broadcasts have played a lot of music today, and also they've been playing 25 year old recordings of Camping (he's talking a mile a minute, so he must be young). They played his old Bible study on divorce (conservative Dutch folks love his approach). They're advertising his old books as well.

They have also asked for donations, as has the TV broadcast. On the TV channel, it's the general manager asking for support.


Rhology said...

I just watched EzekielThirtythree3's latest video. He appears to be a skeptic, maybe even an atheist. Interesting.

James Swan said...

Yes- he makes some insightful points though on how to dialog with Harold. I was thinking of blogging that.