Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Two Evils : Leftist secular Education by Government and Political Islam

David Horowitz hits a home run with this analysis. Thanks to David Wood at Answering Muslims for posting this.

Two Evils:
1. Leftist Secular Liberal Education run by government
2. Political Islam (stealth Islam, stealth Jihad, civilization Jihad, slow creeping Sharia law) along with the more violent Islamic Jihadist terrorism.

I would add that homosexual rights (rights to adoption and marriage) and laws and tribunals against "hate speech" (against calling homosexuality sin), abortion rights, pornography, and Darwin's theory of Evolution as pure dogmatic science, and relativism are also part of the secular liberal leftist government education.

Horowitz "nailed it". I am glad he investigated the details and has communicated it well here. This needs to be published far and wide. This is probably the best 12 minute summary of these issues I have ever heard.

Horowitz's phrase, "Political Islam" is somewhat redundant, because Islam by nature is political; but it is necessary for communication and emphasis so that people will see Islam for what it really is.

The Muslim brotherhood of Egypt founded by Hassan Al Banna and encouraged by Sayyid Qutb (who was executed by the Nasser government in Egypt and who wrote the books who inspired Osama Ben Laden and Ayman Al Zawahiri) spawned many Jihadist movements, including Al Qaedah and Hamas and Islamic Jihad, and they got their philosophy from the Qur'an, the Hadith, the Tarikh (history of Islam), the Sirat (the life of Muhammad), the Tafsirs ( the commentaries), and the Fiq (Islamic Jurisprudence) and the Ijtima (consensus of Islamic scholars). Sharia law comes from the application of all those things.

These modern Jihadist movements also want the Khalifate (office of the successor of the founder of Islam, Muhammad, a leader for all Sunni Muslims; kind of like a Roman Catholic Papal office) to be restored. The Khalif ( or Caliph is a person, the Khalifate is the office. It was abolished by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the secular founder of the modern state of Turkey, in 1924. [The Shiites believe in either 5 Imams (Zayidis) or seven Imams (Ismailis) or 12 Imams (The Iranian government, Hezbollah in Lebanon, most southern Iraqi Shias.)

It is amazing that so many people are so blind to the truth of where these violent and stealth political movements came from.


Truth Unites... and Divides said...

"Two Evils : Leftist secular Education by Government and Political Islam"

I agree. It's funny how both of them hate Christianity. And because of that common hatred, they are political bedfellows.

Here's an understandable twist, despite the chasm of differences between Protestantism and Catholicism, I'm more than happy to be a co-belligerent with conservative Catholics against liberalism and Islam.

Ken said...

If those kinds of statements would be more clear on the disagreements on what RCs and Evangelicals consider the truths of the gospel are; and what it takes for people to be justified and saved from sin; there could be better communication and "co-belligerency" on social issues. But so far, the things like the ECT and the Manhattan Declaration clouded the issues of the gospel, justification, and salvation.

John Bugay said...

Ken, I'm glad you posted this. It clarified a lot of things for me.

Viisaus said...

True Communists have always been ready to be deceitful and cynical in the promotion of their goals. Studying Lenin's brutal Machiavellian dishonesty still shocks one's moral senses.

(In this sense, Muhammad is a much better role model for lefties than Jesus Christ. Old "Mahound" was ready to wheel and deal according to his audience as well.)

If they have to flatter the religious superstitions of the Muslims in order to rally them as political cannon fodder against the traditional Western order, then so be it, many Reds probably reason.

Viisaus said...

I recall that that old Romanist G.K. Chesterton once quipped that like Islam represents "insane simplification of the doctrine of Unity of God", Communism represents "insane simplification of the doctrine of Unity of Mankind"...


"Jules Monnerot’s, 1949 “Sociologie du Communisme,” was translated into English and published as “Sociology and Psychology of Communism,” by The Beacon Press, Boston, in 1953. Monnerot elaborated at length upon a brief, but remarkably prescient observation by Bertrand Russell, published already in 1920, which compared emerging Bolshevism to Islam.

The Islamic East affords several examples of a like duality and duplicity. The Egyptian Fatimids, and later the Persian Safavids, were the animators and propagators, from the heart of their own States, of an active and organizing legend, an historical myth, calculated to make fanatics and obtain their total devotion, designed to create in neighboring States an underworld of ruthless gangsters. The eponymous ancestor of the Safavids was a saint from whom they magically derived the religious authority in whose name they operated. They were Shi’is of Arabian origin, and the militant order they founded was dedicated to propaganda and ‘nucleation’ throughout the whole of Persia and Asia Minor. It recruited ‘militants’ and ‘adherents’ and ‘sympathizers’. These were the Sufis. [emphasis added] As rulers, their sympathies were recognized by other sovereigns in the same way that Stalin, head of the State, is recognized by other heads of States, and rightly, as the leader of world communism. This merging of religion and politics was a major characteristic of the Islamic world in its victorious period."

Ken said...

I am glad that was helpful.

You always bring some interesting further details!

"This merging of religion and politics was a major characteristic of the Islamic world in its victorious period."

Indeed . . . it goes all the way back to year 1 in the Islamic calandar - the flight or immigration to Medina. (622 AD)

The Meccan Period (preaching, warning, oneness of Allah, judgment day, turn from idolatry and Ignorance, etc.) 613-621 AD

The Medina Period - 622 AD onwards, year 1 in the Islamic calendar - success! New revelations to start raiding the pagan caravans; Jihad (striving, struggling against pagans and polytheists), Qatal (fighting, slaying, killing) and Harb (war) against all - Jews, Christians, pagans.

Surah 8:39
Surah 9:1-5
Surah 9:29 - fight (Qatal - fight to the death, kill, slay) the people of the book . . .

All the centuries after that are just the consistent application of those texts (and many others, and many in the Hadith)

Viisaus said...

Just like Muhammad preached relatively tolerant texts in Mecca, but became haughty and bloodthirsty with his hands on the levers of power in Medina, so Lenin and his gang often preached relatively moderate Leftist-Anarchist message UNTIL their takeover in late 1917: after that, the Bolsheviks dropped the mask and showed their true totalitarian nature.

Here is a piece written in 1918 by a Menshevik leader Martov who was scandalized by the Bolshevik dishonesty - these cold-blooded hypocrites had loudly opposed death penalty before their own takeover:


"The International Socialist Congress in Copenhagen in 1910 resolved to fight against the barbarous death penalty in all countries.

International socialism recognised that socialists should never, under any circumstances, reconcile themselves to that cold-blooded murder of unarmed people on state orders, known as the death penalty.

This resolution, comrades, was signed by all the current leaders of the Bolshevik party: Lenin, Zinoviev, Trotsky, Kamenev, Radek, Lunacharsky. I saw them there, in Copenhagen, raising their hands in favour of a resolution declaring war on the death penalty.

Later, in July last year, I saw them in Petrograd protesting against the application of the death penalty, even in wartime, even against traitors.

I see them now using the death penalty right and left, against bourgeois and workers, against peasants and officers. I see them demanding that their underlings do not stop to count the victims, but that they should use the death poenalty as widely as possible against the opponents of Bolshevik power."

scotju said...

Have you ever heard of a book called "United In Hate" by Jamie Glazov? It covers in depth what you wrote about in this post.

Ken said...

I have not read that book, but I googled it and found an article about it at World Net Daily.