Monday, February 21, 2011

Pope Addresses Blogging Apologists

...well, not exactly. There are a good handful of Roman-defending bloggers though that could actually benefit from taking the advice of the papacy they defend. You know the folks I'm talking about- the guys busily throwing mud at Dr. White, and so on.

POPE-AUDIENCE Feb-9-2011 Defend doctrine, but don't attack others, pope says at audience

On St. Peter Canisius "He Formed People's Faith for Centuries"

But then again, what the Pope says is just his opinion: Theology can be debated, even if theologian is pope, cardinal says.


Anonymous said...

This happens to be the same pope you called a fraud, dishonest and a liar. Now you want Catholics to listen to him, as if they need your permission to do so. Perhaps you have now discovered the fruad and the liar in the mirror.

James Swan said...

Wow, I said all that? When and where?