Thursday, September 16, 2010

Closing Comments

I've decided to close comments on more (but not all) of my posts. I do not have the desire to wade through the usual exchanges that pile up on these threads and attempt moderation. This merely results in charges of inconsistency from various quarters, and it would take too much time to effectively carry out in any case.

I'm also not interested in babysitting comment boxes when people who have been banned from the blog swing by for another personal snipe or gratuitous assertion. Closing comments will save me from cleaning up after the immaturity of certain individuals.

If you'd like to make a (reasonable) comment on one of the posts I make and the comments section happens to be closed, simply send me an e-mail. The address is located on my blogger profile. If it merits thorough attention, I might start another post and open comments for some discussion.

This policy, of course, only applies to the material I post. The other contributors at Beggars All will continue as they see fit.