Saturday, June 05, 2010

How To Get Back To Where You Once Belonged

I'm not nearly as creative as Hays, but here's a plan.

Say you were a public figure caught lying about your conversion story from Islam. Say you happened to be a respected guy in charge of a seminary. Here's a workable plan:

1. Admit to all your lies.

2. Step down from your position of authority.

3. Write a book about your troubles and epiphany of your own flaws.

4. Do the talk show circuit, promote the book.

5. Gain back credibility for your integrity of admitting your sins.

6. Live happily ever after again. You'll then be considered a respected sincere person again. Use the line: We all have flaws, but God still uses us. You'll be able to reinvent your career. You may not get the seminary back, but you'll get the microphone back. You'll be able once again to stand on a stump or your head.

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Coram Deo said...

Or just have a press conference announcing that you're starting a church in your basement ala Ted Haggard. There are so many options for those with self-inflicted spiritual wounds these days!

P.S. The "stump" throw away at the end of the post was absolutely priceless.

On that note, very few people realize that apart from converting from Islam E.C. was also once a for-hire shape-shifter.

He now uses that power only for good by proclaiming the libertarian free-will gospel of prevenient grace to Sherpas in hard to reach Nepalese mountain top villages.

We don't choose our gifts, we only use them as stewards.

In Christ,