Monday, April 19, 2010

Bon Voyage .... Envoy Forums?

The Envoy forums seem to be MIA. The forums are the property of Roman Catholic apologist Patrick Madrid. It's a an odd environment, where dangerous wild Sippo's run loose, and fiction is stranger than fact. Does anyone know what happened

Update: They have retuned.


Churchmouse said...

Zippo's apologetic inertia caused the atoms of the forum to implode and release a uniform wave of protons all with a single energy level--15 million electron volts--and POW!!--hence went the forum. It happens every now and then. In the meantime, all correspondence is being gathered and stored in a United Fruit Co. fruitbox, and Zippo is being retuned. If the damage isn't reversable, the forum should be back and Zippo will live to shoot Prots on the wing and dazzle once more.

Turretinfan said... is also not working as of a few moments ago.

James Swan said...

testing to see if my comments are now banned.

Not yet.. would you like to be? Would it help you to show what a "viper" I am over on your blog if I banned you? If you really want to banned in order to revise your victim status at the hands of a dastardly anticatholic viper, I'll oblige you.

Let me know.

Churchmouse said...

Oh, that would be wonderful. Then you could be in the sublime, noble tradition of White, Svendsen, King, Hays, and Enloe (and current-day liberals and Democrats and Marxists): shutting down and shutting up folks who disagree with you.

Rather, shutting up folks who troll to find blog fodder. Methinks that's what White, King, Hays, and Enloe (current-day liberals, Democrats, and Marxists notwithstanding) most likely have done. Good for them!

zipper778 said...

Oooookay. lol. I guess I missed something.

EA said...

"So, BOOM, the thread is shut down, lest anything constructive come out of the thread that was designed from the first to smear me and show what a nutty dumbbell I am, as all your posts about me are designed for."

It's just a matter of providing enough rope. That's all.

Ryan said...

Verbal abuse: the surrogate aphrodisiac for RCs sensitive to self-flagellation.

James Swan said...

Thanks for the confirmations, guys. I want Hitler or Stalin.

Have you ever met one of those guys who says, "I dare you hit me, go ahead!"

C'mon Dave, the show is over. You've got all you needed for your recent blog entry, you've beaten every one you've come in contact with over here with irrefutable logic, Romanism once again triumphs, and the anti-Catholics are now hiding with their tails between their legs.

If you've got any sort of respect for your enemy (based on whatever Bible verse you come up with), please don't hijack another blog post that has nothing to do with you.

James Swan said...

...and to everyone else, while it's tempting of course to take shots at DA, this only provokes him, so please, let it go- thanks.

James Swan said...

On reflection, the Envoy formus are back up after being down for a while, so there's no point in keeping this comment box open.

It's best to simply take temptation away. I have my doubts that if I keep this comment box open today, all will be well.

So... anyone wanting more interaction with Dave, please visit his blog.