Thursday, January 07, 2010

Chucking Madrid under the bus

A while ago, I came across this post by Patrick Madrid: Some Advice for Catholics Who Want to Study Scripture More Deeply. Of course, his advice was limited to his own books and audio presentations. In other words, it was a sales pitch. By the way, you're not going to go "deeply" into Scripture by reading Where is That in the Bible? (Source, emphasis mine)
All that to say, it's not just us anti-Catholic vermin who hold and express a lack of -ahem- respect for the way these popapologists self-market.
Our advice for those who want to go deeply into Scripture is to start off by not making it the target of all your dislike of "disunity" within the Body of Christ. Next, we fully endorse the Waltzian approach of drop-kicking the idea of papal infallibility. From there, first star on the left, straight on till morning.

Code message: This post is actually all about Dave Armstrong. Like all of my posts.

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