Saturday, December 19, 2009

Advice For Angry Roman Catholics From Saint Jerome

It's so easy to lose our tempers over those subjects that we're passionate about. Sure, I've gotten heated up over the years. Sometimes it's necessary to be angry. On the other hand, sometimes we're right, but yet the way we express it is... less than charitable.

Because of some of the angry or mean comments left on this blog by those zealous for their beliefs, I've often thought of turning the comment section off. I don't babysit the comments. But I think I've come up with another solution, thanks to a tip from a professional Roman Catholic apologist. The solution actually will be more painful for angry Romanists if they take their faith seriously.

Recently I went to see a lecture by Roman Catholic apologist Patrick Madrid. At the end, he took audience questions. One person asked for advice on how to remain calm when people either attack Roman Catholicism or the basic tenets of Christian morality. As part of his answer, Madrid told a brief story about how Saint Jerome sought to control his personality. You can hear an mp3 of Madrid telling the story here. According to Madrid, Jerome would beat himself with a rock to subdue his mean personality.

Now before anyone accuses me of... anything, it was Madrid who gave the advice, not me. Of course, Madrid went on to mention prayer, but the example of Jerome was presented as positive advice.


bkaycee said...

It might have worked for Jerome, but I think it would have made me madder.

Anonymous said...

Jerome was the angriest man of his time. Haven't you ever read his preface to Jeremiah? He loved using racial slurs and calling people morons.

Andrew said...

Well, BW2K8, it's too bad he's not around today. The two of you could car pool to the anger managment/group psychology session. Think of all the gas you would save!

Rhology said...

Don't forget to invite Dozie.