Friday, March 28, 2008

Who said it?

No googling or wagering!
We are to copy the views and virtues of the men who found they could remain under the Pope, and especially of one who actually died for the supremacy of the Pope. We are to throw away practically every rag of thought or theory that was held by the people who did not remain under the supremacy of the Pope.

This same person did actually write something very prophetic at the same time as the above. Something that seems to be playing out very strongly right now.
The genuine Protestant creed is now hardly held by anybody--least of all by the Protestants. So completely have they lost faith in it, that they have mostly forgotten what it was. If almost any modern man be asked whether we save our souls solely through our theology, or whether doing good(to the poor, for instance) will help us on the road to God, he would answer without hesitation that good works are probably more pleasing to God than theology.

Who said it?




Mike Burgess said...

Gilbert Keith Chesterton.

johnMark said...

Very good.