Monday, December 10, 2007

Vote for Pedro!


Okay, not really Pedro, but for Timmy Brister's question to Mark Driscoll. I've all ready asked on my blog. I believe it's a good and interesting question that would be interesting to hear the answer from a former emergent type.

The question is:
Do you believe that the Scripture not only regulates our theology but also our methodology? In other words, do you believe in the regulative principle? If so, to what degree? If not, why not?

Vote here!

No, it's not going to change the theological world to get Driscoll's answer, but right now he is very influential and it may give some folks exposure to a part of theology to consider they may not otherwise get.

Besides being a fair question which is much better than the rapture question, I like Timmy and the stuff he blogs about. And you only have four more days to vote and you can vote 10 times per day on the same topic.

Please and thank you,



Carrie said...

The voting site keeps crashing on me. I know I voted the other day?

Just an FYI for others - hopefully it gets resolved (or it's just my computer).

johnMark said...

Weird that is crashes.

I am voting everyday all 10 votes. I have to be careful not to go over 10 so I click and let the site load slowly. If you vote over 10 then all your votes are erased, if I am understanding correctly.


Anonymous said...

If he was going to answer "yes" to that question, then rather than having satellite churches that watch him prate on TV, he'd encourage them to get a real preacher.

Anonymous said...

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Richard Froggatt said...


Try this link; the site was crashing on me also but this link was fine.

Right now this question is #2