Friday, August 24, 2007

I don't do "awards" for blogs, but this blog would get my award for best Catholic blog of the year.


pilgrim said...

As I commented on Carrie's blog-
"I've had Catholics pull out the "this world or the next" to defend purgatory--I've advised them it means "never". It's nice to see a Catholic source that agrees--I'll keep that one in mind for the future."

Leo said...

Is Carrie really Catholic?
This I question having seen this:

Exposing Catholicism

Linking to Protestant sites critical of Catholicism, now what Catholic would attack their own faith, criticize yes, but attack?

What's the verdict?

Ric said...

In total agreement with James!

Ben Douglass said...

It's quite disingenuous to call this a Catholic blog, when it is clearly a Protestant blog devoted to attacking Catholicism.

And James White accuses Catholics of taqiyya!

Anonymous said...

And this site gets James' award for best Reformed web site: