Thursday, July 26, 2007

I got a support letter from Catholic apologist Gerry Matatics today:

"2500 a month is a shoestring operating budget. That's only $30,000 a year. Compare that to the big name Novus Ordo apologists and apologetics organizations living high off the hog because they, individually, each rake in over a million dollars a year - all of it wasted singing the praises of Benedict XVI and the "New Springtime of the Church" they vainly claim we are now enjoying, and sending people to a counterfeit "Mass" and to counterfeit sacraments from the hands of counterfeit priests who cannot properly save these people's souls."


Gojira said...

Alrighty then!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Revised Edition of Surprised by Truth will have Matatics's and Sungenis's conversion stories in them?

James Swan said...

I only have volume 1. I don't recall Gerry's story in that volume, but i'd have to go into my basement to check.

Good question though about Sungenis. If I could still post on Envoy, I would ask if SBT vol.1 will still contain the Sungenis story.

Anonymous said...


You're right, Matatics's conversion story isn't in SBT Vol 1. My mistake. I just took it for granted since he, like Sungenis, Akin, Hahn and others, are considered the foundation stones (Hahn being the corner-stone?) of the Catholic apologetics movement.