Saturday, May 19, 2007

Vatican denies hiding the full truth about the end of the world

I was reading the Slaves of Righteousness blog, and this interesting link was pointed out:

Fatima stuff..I'm waiting for a big budget Hollywood movie on this. sooner or later, the fiction produced by these three will find its way to the big screen.


Churchmouse said...

Hey Jim, are you familiar with the 1952 movie "The Miracle of Our Lady at Fatima"? It was a pretty big release back in the day (via Warner Brothers, see here: I don't know if the industry will ever attempt a remake, but in this day and age of religiosity, I wouldn't doubt it. Who knows! Maybe they'll attempt a "Left Behind" type of movie about the "secrets" of Fatima with a fictional storyline.


David Waltz said...

Hi James,

I have always been skeptically about Marian apparitions, but a DVD I was recently sent (which was sent without any knowledge and/or approval on my part) has certainly caused some serious reflection on my part.

The DVD is titled: “Heavens Key To Peace”, and is available at:

To make a very long story short, I am not as resolute in my reservations about Fatima I once was.

Grace and peace,


pilgrim said...

Hmm, how'd I miss this post?

Thanks for the link--that's why I've had some more hits this week.

If Mel Gibson reads your blog he may have his next movie. Of course it will be done in early 1900's Portuguese.

James Swan said...


It was an interesting post, thanks for the link. I do keep up with some of the Fatima stuff- I have a subscription to the Fatima Crusader (The Spring 2007 issue is on my desk as I write).

When I get a chance to work with my template, i will link your blog.