Monday, May 21, 2007

Protestants, Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid...

The Envoy boards provided this newsbreaker from Catholic apologist Patrick Madrid:

"My new book on the subject of sola scriptura, which I'm finishing up this summer, responds directly and in detail to these claims made by King and Webster.The book, published by Servant Books, will appear in early 2008."

Oh boy, I shake in fear even thinking about this... Looking forward to this one. Thanks Patrick.


Ric said...


Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see what Mr. Madrid has to say on the issue. I have no doubt that he'll argue for the material sufficiency of Scripture, as well as for prima Scriptura (Scripture first). These theories of Scripture have become the dominant ones.

It's interesting to see how much flexibility one has within Catholicism. The Magisterium gives a dogmatic, general definition on some aspect of the Faith, but as for the details, Catholics can believe anything within the definition. Purgatory is another good example of this. The Magisterium has dogmatically stated that there is such a thing and that it is fundamentally different from Hell, but as to the details, one is free to believe the saints' teaching that Purgatory is a very painful, and often a very similar experience to Hell, and that Mary will bring you out if you die wearing your scapular; or, one can believe the then-Cardinal Ratzinger's teaching that Purgatory is being passively purged and conformed by the presence of Jesus Himself, which is to some degree penal and painful (see his Dogmatic Theology, vol 9). And, of course, one can believe the ambiguity of modern Catholic apologists, namely, "Who knows what Purgatory is like? We don't know what things are like on the other side?"

No doubt this kind of dogmatic ambiguity makes it very difficult for Protestants to attack the Catholic Faith.

Apolonio said...

is this post even necessary? it's so intellectually immature. spend some time in a good college and see how real intellectuals interact with each other's work and see the lack of polemics involved.

you say you have no time for responding to each comment in your blog but it seems like you have time for useless comments like these. if you can post something like this, then i think you can interact with the more substantial comments on your blog. come on, James. you're better than that.

btw, after the recent move to full communion of Beckwith and Koons (a great philosopher), i was thinking of asking madrid for you or anyone else to talk about justification in Envoy. it would just be me and you and hopefully it will be good. that or any other venue (even emails if you want). if you're interested tell me.

GeneMBridges said...

is this post even necessary? it's so intellectually immature. spend some time in a good college and see how real intellectuals interact with each other's work and see the lack of polemics involved.

From the abundance of the heart, the keyboard types...

Notice how on the one hand Antonio castigates James for polemics, while with the other, he dishes it out. Apparently, what's not good for the goose is good for the gander. I wonder if he's read some of the interactions and emails by some of the Catholic apologists over the last few years. Does he hold them to the same standards of intellectual maturity he holds James Swan?

Apolonio said...

you apparently don't know me. i have criticized catholic apologists for the same thing.

i don't see anything polemical in anything i have said. in fact i ended with an invitation on a discussion on a particular topic. that way, it involves arguments rather than the kind of nonsense that has been going on in the apologetics world. catholic and protestant apologists, most of them, have no sense of proper intellectual discourse. it becomes personal and it involves too much on "winning" debates. they care too much about their own arguments rather than truth. the fact is, many arguments from both sides are terrible but many don't admit it. i have admitted many of my mistakes and anyone who knows me can see that i do admit them if i see it as a mistake (ask James). intellectuals, good ones, do that. but i don't see that in apologetics. people still make stupid arguments like blue anarchy with sola scriptura or heos hou. there's no sense of honesty.

James Swan said...


I will be buying Mr. Madrid's book when it comes out. I try to purchase and go through as many of these books as possible. So, be assured, I will interact with whatever content Mr. Madrid produces. This entry reflects the humor I find with the Envoy crowd; how they pat each other on the back, knowing they are free from interaction from any who question their obedience to an unproven infallible authority.

Currently, I've been going through Mr. Michuta's book, and I've been re-listening to his debate with Dr. White. Probably in the last two weeks, I've been through the debate 5 or 6 times. I’ve also purchased some of the books he references. In other words, I’ve been trying to respectfully interact with the content Gary has produced.

Of course, there’s always Mr. Sippo throwing mud around at whatever I write in reference to Mr. Michuta’s book. But hey, he’s your problem, as you are a current member of the Envoy horde. Perhaps you can go over to the Envoy forums and ask Mr. Sippo to stop being “intellectually immature.” In other words, first clean your own house before you come to mine and say it’s dirty.

Yes, Apolonio, I am indeed a busy person. I get, maybe, an hour each day to be on-line or research, or read whatever interests me. You will indeed not always be the young man you are now. I assume you will take on more responsibilities as you get older, and perhaps like me while reading your comments, you will forgive youth for throwing stones when the target is simply to tired to move.